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Advertencia: Error al enviar el paquete QUERY.

Un usuario pregunt贸 馃憞

Tengo una configuraci贸n de WordPress + WooCommerce con 1400 productos y alrededor de 40000 cambios. Y un servidor con 4 Gb de RAM con un procesador de doble n煤cleo.

驴Qu茅 significa esto?

Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=13691 in /home/ on line 1942

Encuentro este error de vez en cuando en varias p谩ginas del sitio web.

### WordPress Environment ###

Home URL:
Site URL:
WC Version: 3.2.1
Log Directory Writable: 鉁
WP Version: 4.8.3
WP Multisite: 鈥
WP Memory Limit: 1 GB
WP Debug Mode: 鉁
WP Cron: 鉁
Language: ro_RO

### Server Environment ###

Server Info: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)
PHP Version: 7.0.25-1~dotdeb+8.1
PHP Post Max Size: 300 MB
PHP Time Limit: 600
PHP Max Input Vars: 2500
cURL Version: 7.38.0

SUHOSIN Installed: 鈥
MySQL Version: 5.6.37
Max Upload Size: 300 MB
Default Timezone is UTC: 鉁
fsockopen/cURL: 鉁
SoapClient: 鉁
DOMDocument: 鉁
GZip: 鉁
Multibyte String: 鉁
Remote Post: 鉁
Remote Get: 鉁

### Database ###

WC Database Version: 3.2.1
WC Database Prefix: wp_
Total Database Size: 518.49MB
Database Data Size: 363.16MB
Database Index Size: 155.33MB
wp_woocommerce_sessions: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_woocommerce_api_keys: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
wp_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
wp_woocommerce_order_items: Data: 0.06MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta: Data: 0.23MB + Index: 0.22MB
wp_woocommerce_tax_rates: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB
wp_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
wp_woocommerce_shipping_zones: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
wp_woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_woocommerce_payment_tokens: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
wp_woocommerce_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
courier_counties: Data: 0.00MB + Index: 0.00MB
courier_localities: Data: 0.39MB + Index: 0.48MB
courier_localities_urgentcargus: Data: 0.60MB + Index: 0.30MB
pma__bookmark: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__central_columns: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__column_info: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__designer_settings: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__export_templates: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__favorite: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__history: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__navigationhiding: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__pdf_pages: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__recent: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__relation: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__savedsearches: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
pma__table_coords: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__table_info: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__table_uiprefs: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__tracking: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__userconfig: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__usergroups: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
pma__users: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_commentmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
wp_comments: Data: 0.06MB + Index: 0.09MB
wp_failed_jobs: Data: 0.36MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_links: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_mailchimp_carts: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_options: Data: 182.55MB + Index: 15.09MB
wp_pmxi_files: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_pmxi_history: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_pmxi_imports: Data: 0.36MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_pmxi_posts: Data: 3.52MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_pmxi_templates: Data: 0.42MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_postmeta: Data: 133.69MB + Index: 109.30MB
wp_posts: Data: 19.55MB + Index: 13.06MB
wp_queue: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_redirection_404: Data: 8.52MB + Index: 7.48MB
wp_redirection_groups: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
wp_redirection_items: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.08MB
wp_redirection_logs: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.08MB
wp_termmeta: Data: 0.20MB + Index: 0.27MB
wp_terms: Data: 0.14MB + Index: 0.16MB
wp_term_relationships: Data: 9.52MB + Index: 7.52MB
wp_term_taxonomy: Data: 0.28MB + Index: 0.17MB
wp_usermeta: Data: 0.16MB + Index: 0.09MB
wp_users: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
wp_w3tc_cdn_queue: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
wp_wcpdf_invoice_number: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
wp_yoast_seo_links: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.30MB
wp_yoast_seo_meta: Data: 0.11MB + Index: 0.00MB

### Post Type Counts ###

acf: 1
attachment: 23615
nav_menu_item: 59
page: 27
post: 8
product: 1459
product_variation: 34659
revision: 155
shop_coupon: 1
shop_order: 85
vc4_templates: 3
wpcf7_contact_form: 3

### Security ###

Secure connection (HTTPS): 鉂孻our store is not using HTTPS. Learn more about HTTPS and SSL Certificates.
Hide errors from visitors: 鉂孍rror messages should not be shown to visitors.

### Active Plugins (29) ###

404page - your smart custom 404 error page: by Peter Raschendorfer 鈥 3.2
C芒mpuri Personalizate Avansate: by Elliot Condon 鈥 4.4.12
Bootstrap for Contact Form 7: by Felix Arntz 鈥 1.4.5
Contact Form 7: by Takayuki Miyoshi 鈥 4.9.1
D3C Latest Viewed Products: by D3Colors 鈥 0.0.1
ElasticPress: by Taylor Lovett
Matt Gross
Aaron Holbrook
10up 鈥 2.4

Enhanced Media Library PRO: by wpUXsolutions 鈥 2.4.5
Fast Velocity Minify: by Raul Peixoto 鈥 2.2.2
WPBakery Page Builder: by Michael M - 鈥 5.4.3
Loco Translate: by Tim Whitlock 鈥 2.0.16
MailChimp for WooCommerce: by MailChimp 鈥 2.1.1 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
mobilPay Card Gateway for WooCommerce: by Santiago Interactive 鈥 1.0.1 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
Plugins Garbage Collector: by Vladimir Garagulya 鈥 0.10.3
WooCommerce Product Filter: by Mihajlovic Nenad 鈥 6.4.5 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
ShiftNav - Responsive Mobile Menu: by Chris Mavricos
SevenSpark 鈥

Super Socializer: by Team Heateor 鈥 7.9.5
TinyMCE Advanced: by Andrew Ozz 鈥 4.6.3
WooCommerce Custom Product Designer: by 鈥 4.2.1 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
UberMenu 3 - The Ultimate WordPress Mega Menu: by Chris Mavricos
SevenSpark 鈥 3.2.7

Safe Alternative - Urgent Cargus Printing AWB: by Safe Alternative 鈥 1.7.4 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
Safe Alternative - Urgent Cargus Shipping Calculate: by Safe Alternative 鈥 1.7.2 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
W3 Total Cache: by Frederick Townes 鈥
WC City Select: by 8manos 鈥 1.0.3 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
WooCommerce Permalink Manager: by premmerce 鈥 1.1
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches: by parbat chaudhari 鈥 2.3.6 鈥 Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
WooCommerce: by Automattic 鈥 3.2.1 鈥 3.2.3 is available
Yoast SEO: by Team Yoast 鈥 5.8
WP Delete User Accounts: by Ren Ventura 鈥 1.0
WP-Optimize: by David Anderson
Ruhani Rabin
Team Updraft 鈥 2.1.1

### Settings ###

API Enabled: 鉁
Force SSL: 鉁
Currency: RON (lei)
Currency Position: right_space
Thousand Separator: .
Decimal Separator: ,
Number of Decimals: 2
Taxonomies: Product Types: external (external)
grouped (grouped)
simple (simple)
variable (variable)

Taxonomies: Product Visibility: exclude-from-catalog (exclude-from-catalog)
exclude-from-search (exclude-from-search)
featured (featured)
outofstock (outofstock)
rated-1 (rated-1)
rated-2 (rated-2)
rated-3 (rated-3)
rated-4 (rated-4)
rated-5 (rated-5)

### WC Pages ###

Shop base: 鉂 Page ID is set
but the page does not exist

Cart: #5 - /cart/
Checkout: #6 - /cart/checkout/
My account: #7 - /contul-meu/
Terms and conditions: #117 - /termeni-si-conditii/

### Theme ###

Name: TIPARO Child
Version: 1.0.0
Author URL: 
Child Theme: 鉁
Parent Theme Name: Storefront
Parent Theme Version: 2.2.5
Parent Theme Author URL:
WooCommerce Support: 鉁

### Templates ###

Overrides: tiparo-child/woocommerce/archive-product.php


Ingeniero Autom谩tico de Felicidad

Hace 3 a帽os, 1 mes

Hola, De acuerdo con todos los resultados que encontr茅 en Google, este es un problema de configuraci贸n del servidor.

Puede encontrar informaci贸n m谩s detallada aqu铆: while-sending-query-packet

Le aconsejo que se ponga en contacto con su anfitri贸n y le informe del problema. Deber铆an poder solucionarlo ajustando la configuraci贸n de la base de datos, o decirle qu茅 hacer para solucionarlo.


Ingeniero Autom谩tico de Felicidad

Hace 3 a帽os, 1 mes

No hemos tenido noticias tuyas en un tiempo, as铆 que marcar茅 esto como una soluci贸n. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta, puedes comenzar una nueva conversaci贸n.

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